With over 35 years of floor cleaning experience you can trust use to effectively clean your home carpets and other flooring. We have serviced town homes of 800 sq. ft. to single family homes as large as 5,000 sq ft and use the same carpet cleaning methods used in the most exclusive hotels like the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

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Truck Mounted Steam Extraction...
Carpet Cleaning the Way It Should Be!

Truck mounted steam carpet cleaning. Refresh and Renew and give more life to your carpets. Your home will once again have that new home feel and smell. Fresh and clean not to mention healthy. Happy kids, Happy pets , HAPPY YOU!

  1. Carpets vacuumed
  2. Edges and corners vacuumed
  3. Heavily soiled areas are spotted and treated
  4. Carpets pre-conditioned to release dirt from fibers
  5. Carpets cleaned,residue free rinsed & dried with truck mounted steam extraction, leaving carpets residue free
  6. Blocks/ Plastic are placed under furniture legs where needed
  7. sanitized for pleasant environment
  8. Rake and fluff carpet fibers
  9. Microfiber bonnet interim maintenance programs available 

How to pick a professional carpet cleaner...
Alan's Top Tips from 35 Years in the Biz:

  • Make sure you get them to come out and give you a free onsite estimate (like we do–just contact us)
  • Avoid estimates by telephone or e-mail only – No one can really tell you a price unless they see the condition of your floor or carpet.
  • There are many companies that quote a cheap price over the phone just to get in the door, Once they get in the door they charge extra for pre-treatment, spot removal, furniture moving, etc. You can end up over paying and getting a poor quality work.
  • Walk the carpet and floor and point out your concerns before they start the job.
  • Ask what method they use for cleaning your carpet or floor. Let them explain it to you so you know what kind of products they are using.
  • Combine apples to apples when getting multiple estimates. A professional cleaning job should include, vacuum, spotting, pre-treatment, etc.
  • Always ask for referrals (and read reviews!)