Tile & Grout Experts

Our more than 35 years experience in the Tile & Grout Floor Cleaning industry providing high quality service has earned us a reputation of a floor cleaning company trusted by businesses of all sizes. We stand by the quality of our work and know we can get the floors of your business looking their best. Call us at (480) 626-3492 for an on-site estimate.

Commercial Tile & Grout Cleaning Process

Our commercial tile and grout cleaning process includes the following a pre-treatment of the entire surface, with a grout and tile cleaning solution specially formulated to penetrate and loosen the soil. We then detail by hand the edges and corners of the area. Our system then uses the cleaning power of our Pro-chem Apex truck Mounted extraction unit to clean the tile and grout with as much as a 1000 PSI spray and immediate powerful vacuum for instant capture and removal of the soil. The entire surface is then clear water rinsed to leave the floor fresh and clean. The floor is ready to be walked on within 30 minutes. 

Truck-Mounted Extraction:
  1. Dust Mop Floor Surface to be cleaned
  2. Pre-Condition Degrease for Soil Release
  3. Hand Detail Corners & Edges
  4. High Pressure Power Scrub & Extract
  5. Rinse and Neutralize